Baldi for Steinway


Over the past two centuries, Baldi has impressed the whole world by creating breathtaking monumental masterpieces and surprising home jewels, inspired by the Florentine Renaissance led by the Medici Family and French art of the 17th – 18th centuries. Just the fidelity to a tradition based on beauty and craftsmanship, gave the chance to start an official partnership with a Company that enjoys a unique reputation all over the world: Steinway & Sons. Baldi shares the passion for art and craftsmanship with the famous piano manufacturers, and today the Brands are presenting in their official catalogues two surprising collections: “Armonia Limited Edition” and “Special Edition Grand Pianos”. All the pianos’ names are designed to recall melodious and evocative sounds, such as “Acanto”, “Empire”, “Muse”, “Richelieu” and “Sherazade” and customers are free to personalize it by choosing between different decorations and bronze finishes.

The “Armonia” piano is characterized by precious bronzes, all produced with the technique of lost wax casting and hand chiseling. The expert craftsmen, under the guidance of the designer Marika Tardio, create by themselves particular ad hoc decorative elements, which give them the opportunity to enhance and highlight the shapes of the bronzes in a unique way, thus creating a powerful sensation of depth. After the 24Kgold plating process, the bronzes are then carefully placed on the majestic Steinway & Sons grand pianos at the Baldi laboratory. What makes these masterpieces exclusive lies in the fact that each model is limited to ten grand pianos. The instruments combine luxury, opulence, Baldi’s art with the mastery of Steinway & Sons, so being able to aim at such masterpieces is certainly a valuable experience for every refined collector who loves rarities and beauty.
As for the “Special Edition Grand Pianos” line, in order to create a way to blend the best of Steinway & Sons with the best of Baldi, our creative team decided to work on a dual segment: first, inheriting the signature of the Baldi bronzes on to the models of the “Armonia” collection, second then applying the semiprecious stone on the pianos, through the technique of the Mosaico Russo (Russian or Florentine Mosaic). The bronzes recall both a more fresh and slender classic style, and inherit Greek, Renaissance and Baroque forms, based on the model chosen. Each piano is unique and unrepeatable and will never be replicated again.
Malachite, Amethyst, Tiger Eye and Lapis Lazuli are the stones used to give life to these masterpieces. Following the ancient original technique of the Mosaico Russo (Russian Mosaic), the semiprecious stones are first cut into thin slices and after that applied in small pieces on the surface of the pianos. Then, the stone mosaic is then ground and polished by hand to create a glossy finish. The result is splendid masterpieces that show both the Baldi and the Steinway & Sons signatures.

Nevertheless, the collaboration does not stop there. In 2019, in fact, the designer Marika Tardio, created the first contemporary piano in the story of Steinway & Sons, the “Frizzante” model. All this, through the Baldi artisans and by expressing the typical materials of the Brand’s production in more modern and contemporary forms
It is important to remember the unique and exclusive ad-personam designs requested by Steinway & Sons customers, looking for inimitable and fully customized pianos.

All these unique collections and models are the result of an extraordinary collaboration between two exceptional luxury brands. Their perception of beauty and the common pursuit for beauty is the synthesis, the least common denominator of this co-branding.