The Bathtubs Baldi are without a doubt one of the most exclusive creation in the world.

They exalt the natural beauty, sometimes leaving raw the external part of the quartz, as if it was a great diamond. Bathtubs are the object of Design that above all spread the Brand name, positioning it among the most desirable and prestigious.

The bathtubs can host between two or three people, depending on the dimensions of the block found in nature – mainly coming from the Brazilian Amazonian forest. Their weight can reach 10 tones, their value up to one 1 million euros.

Bojola intends nature as spontaneous driver, maintaining the form of the stone stolen from the earth, in contrast with the internal part, which is gentle and delicate. Pure emotions multiplies when the light reflects on the materia’s facets, creating evocative color games. The simplicity and candor of the natural stone meets up giving birth to a timeless elegance, almost dreamlike.

Today the quartzes used are the Rock Crystal, the Green Quartz and the Rose Quartz, but the continuous scouting from the Brand, always searching for various a rare materials, will lead to the presentation of new models and colors, timeless and in the story of design.


Baldi continues its mission to spread the art in the world, also thanks to a project dedicated to Museum Collections.

The grandeur of the Ornamental Vases and Monumental Clocks is certainly represented by the impressive dimensions, which range from 2 meters up to 7 meters, but above all from the fact that the same precious and artisanal production techniques are used on these stunning works. The greatest extremization of the concept of home jewels, therefore, involves the chiseling of all the bronze elements and their gilding, the Mosaico Russo (Russian Mosaic), the inlays and the further customizations. In manual applications, technology is added – in the case of clocks. Time is in fact scanned by the German Perrot mechanism,  through which a GPS system transmits the exact time to the monumental clock, wherever it is.

These creations of timeless beauty are the most emblematic manifestation of the Baldi concept of product customization, made to measure for the customer, not only in semiprecious stones, crystals and the most appreciated gold finishes, but above all in size and design.