Capsule d’auteur


The “capsule d ‘auteur” or “author’s collections” are the result of an intense process of artistic contamination by the Brand. Baldi, who over the centuries has set himself the mission of spreading art in the world through his creations, presents himself to the public as a subject “influenced” by the art and creativity of external subjects, making all his knowledge of the secrets available of the Florentine Renaissance crafts. In this way, Baldi explores the relationship with himself, with his past, with his expertise, but also with the selected artists to create these inimitable collections. Each artist interprets the Brand and its peculiarities, enhancing and adapting them to their art, philosophy, sensitivity, knowledge.

Magnus Gjoen, through his “Tempus Fugit” collection, approaches Baldi precious stones, such as Malachite, Rocca Crystal, Rubyzoisite, Aquamarine, but also Black Obsidian and precious marbles. A pervasion of Baroque philosophy takes place, where the de-contextualization of the material itself takes place and merges with the object. Through his “Uzi”, “Granate” and “Scarabei”, Gjoen’s work draws a delicate line between humor and wonder, accompanied by unrivaled beauty.

Pavel Pietrof, whose art is characterized by a strongly classical style, creates immortal masterpieces over time. Elegant swans forged in bronze, 24K gold, adorn precious obelisks made with over a thousand carats of Aquamarine, but also Rock Crystal and Rubyzoisite cups, fantastic small monuments and vases. These masterpieces seem to come from an enchanted world, made up of fairy tales and mythological creatures. The undisputed star of this collection is the Cigno Cavaliere, a mysterious character who appears in the last chapter of the epic “Parzival”.

Duccio Maria Gambi, a contemporary Florentine artist, explores the materials, the quartz, the minerals, the essence even before the final form that leads to the creative and productive process. He uses the contrast technique, adding a few elementary elements to solid crystal blocks. Through the geometric and functional details, he blends opaque materials like unpolished Guatemala Green Marble with the most imposing blocks in Rock Crystal (almost a ton weight), showing its most raw and fascinating face.

Luca Bojola has been steadily collaborating with the Brand for the past two decades, accompanying him through the discovery of cooler and lighter classic styles, from the bathroom collections to monumental masterpieces. Between the past and the present, it offers a declination of his material style, recalling the techniques that led to the creation of the famous quartz bathtubs. In his table “Butterflies” and in the “Throne of Shen”, the contrast between the softness of the design and the hardness of the Rock Crystal emerges, as emblem of his art made of contrasts and the overcoming of aesthetic boundaries.