Anniversary Limited Edition


The Anniversay limited edition line is the result of Baldi’s desire to offer its customers a collection that is a tribute to the history of the brand. Sophisticated vases, cups and lamps, made from the finest crystal with a unique and original cut, are combined with aquamarine and shattuckite, rare stones whose splendid shades range from deep blue to soft and delicate blue. The collection is also embellished by a variant in malachite, the inevitable and iconic stone, whose value has grown vortically in recent years. Modern 3D technological models and digital know-how combine ancient artisan techniques to create rare and exclusive pieces of art. The finishes of the bronzes alternate between pickled and 24-carat gold, balancing the chromatic balances, the chisel or enhances the forms, giving a three-dimensional appearance. The Anniversary limtied edition is rightfully included among the museum pieces, both for the intrinsic value conferred by the materials themselves, and for the fact that only five numbers are available for each design. A must have that disregards the types of interior, essential for those collectors who want to give a touch of uniqueness to their living spaces.