With the Diamond collection, Baldi creates an absolutely modern line of decorative accessories, which
embodies all the essence of a glamorous, fresh vision, but with a strong personality.
The minimalism of the primary forms, in vivid contrast with the complexity of grinding, gives rise to creative
solutions, well suited to a contemporary or eco-chic home. It is therefore a multifunctional collection,
which is placed indistinctly both in interiors with essential details and in classic, precious and sophisticated
Ranging among all of the colors varieties of the crystal, the Diamond collection creates geometric games
with kaleidoscopic transparencies, whose evocative strength undoubtedly recalls the image of the
diamond, which has always been an expression of excellence and delicacy.
As the diamond shines with its own light, so do the countless prisms cut on extra-clear crystal, then treated
with a double “flaming” of shaded color, creating endless three-dimensional weaves.
The multiplicity of the seven colors of the collection create a sort of arabesque in continuous movement
where the dimensions disappear and the light filters from every corner.
Among these we find the softness of pink gold, the champagne color, the acidity of yellow and violet, the
fullness of emerald green and cyan blue, ending with the brilliance of the transparent, suitable for any