Baldi presents intriguing experiences of creation and design thanks to the young team of his own
designers, guided by Marika Tardio, who created a  collection based  on the contemporary style of
the interiors, moving through fashion and haute couture: Boccadoro collection, home couture.
The shapes and colors of this fascinating collection composed of crystal and precious metal were
given to birth by the creative team, who launched a challenge in the name of innovation. Indeed,
chromatic contrasts and virtuous forms stand out strongly in the collection, whose name pays
homage to the novel “Narciso e Boccadoro” (Narcissus and Goldmund) by Herman Hesse.
An Italian lifestyle project in which tradition is interpreted in an innovative and contemporary key.
The Boccadoro collection includes a wide range of home jewels: cups, vases, lamps, candelabras
and other decorative accessories, in four different combinations of pearly colors, respectively
octane, amber, smoky and purple.