The Bathroom Collections represent for Baldi the possibility to express, in an exceptional and exclusive way, their own style, dedicated to those spaces of intimate living, that reflect a real lifestyle, linked to opulence and richness in all its facets. All the Bathroom Collections are inspired by the artistic vocation of the brand and interpret the bathroom environment as a space no longer conceived as a room but as a “cult” place of the house. The place of time, of relaxation, of silence.

The Amaltea line enhances semiprecious colored stones such as Malachite, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli. These stones are worked with the technique of the Mosaico Russo (Russian Mosaic), accompanied by chiseled and silver or 24 carat gilded bronze. Its forms, familiar and in line with the classic collections, are the perfect completion of a sophisticated and traditional, warm and welcoming general enviroment.

The Noir line, on the other hand, plays on the color contrast between the rock crystal and the Black Belgium marble. The bronze silvered in this case – helps to create an elegant, versatile bathroom, an  environment that can be versatile with any interior.

The bathroom accessories of the Aline , Star and Ice collections, instead, recall the deco style. Their zigzag decorative elements, the “V” and sun rays motifs, combined with the refinement of the crystal and the opulence of bronze, give life to sinuous and refined objects.