Marika Tardio

“If I wasn’t a designer, I wouldn’t know what I would be.”

Marika’s designs breathes life into the ateliers of Baldi. With a creative process as diverse as her designs, she rarely works without the urge to give life to a new product. “There have been times where I draw designs for weeks, following paths where imagination and productive reality are constantly clashing.” It’s this exploratory journey that allows her to create new forms of art, sometimes unexpected even for her.

The young designer from Sanremo adopted Florence as her own, studied Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence, and has been creating for the Baldi maison since 2014.

Baldi is seen through her eyes in several collections including the Joy, Boccadoro, Caterina, Anniversary limited editions and the Diamond, which are part of the maison’s ethos today. She is also the creative mind behind Baldi for Steinway & Sons limited edition pianos and Boccadoro’s H20 project.