Magnus Gjoen

Fashion designer turned artist Magnus Gjoen is often seen breathing new life into old works, using historical references and differing mediums. He chanced upon the world of art after establishing a career in design, after working for brands like Vivienne Westwood. Often described as an “accidental” artist, the walls of his London-home paved the road to an illustrious artistic career. Magnus’ work invites you to take a second look. Thought provoking and emotional, he manipulates powerful and strong objects to create something fragile yet beautiful. This innate ability to engage observers, give room for introspection and discourse encourages the interaction between strength and fragility, blending two genres from different worlds. With art focused on rediscovery, giving life into dusty old paintings found in far corners of a museum, or lending a sense of grace to a typically powerful or dangerous object, Magnus proves to be a promising and successful young artist in the contemporary world.