Duccio Maria Gambi

His work is as heterogeneous as is the path he took, before opening his own studio-laboratory in Paris in 2012.

Duccio Maria Gambi has a highly theoretical background, built during his studies in Florence on the Radical Movement and during the years he spent in Milan and specialized in Interior Design.

The designer is aware of both the limits and the power of the industrialist and artisan, all thanks to his professional experience gained in design studios and in the artisan laboratories. Especially in Rotterdam, he inherits from the Atelier Van Lieshout a series of production processes on different scales of magnitude, fundamental in his path of creative growth.

The constant growing interest in waste materials, combined with French architecture, led him to found “Chapitre 0”, a “night guerrilla style” laboratory and a workshop for furniture, suitable for public spaces.

His works focus on the subject and on his experimentation and range from furnishing accessories to large bespoke objects for private customers looking for art objects. It is no coincidence that his masterpieces in stone and laminated plastic have won the Cedic award at Miart in 2017 and are part of the Triennale Museum, making him one of the most interesting emerging contemporary artists on the world scene.