Art as heritage, Art as tradition, Art as passion.

The Baldi Brand has its roots in the 19th Century, era to which the illustrious Consani and Ponziani families date back. Paolo Consani Baldi brought with him the legacy of the ancestor Vincenzo, the most famous and well knowed exponent of the family and founder of the artistic atelier, the “father” of today’s company. A sculptor of great fame and prestige at the Canova school, the “Consani” (1818, 1887) created statues, busts and memorials in neoclassical style, still preserved in highly prestigious venues: the Vittoria at Palazzo Pitti, Pier Antonio Micheli in the Loggia of the Uffizi Museum, the statue of Pope Eugene IV in the Duomo of Florence, The Wounded Amazon at the Quirinale Palace in Rome. Master of the ars scultorea, he handed down to posterity his predisposition to the work of matter, his perception of beauty, his untiring love to stop time in forms.

From Mario Ponziani, master of restoration, descends Anna Ponziani Baldi. The Ponziani family worked 19th-century Florence with their Antiquity Restoration Workshop. It was their passion, the deep knowledge of working techniques, the artistic sense that always animated the structure, which led him to be subsequently suitable for the reproduction of classical style furniture, certainly of Renaissance origin, but also in French Baroque style and Rococo.

This unique heritage of artists and artisans, of inspiration and dexterity, of creativity and dedication, begun in 1867. A history of more than 150 years. A journey made of challenges, experiments and research of constant artistic contaminations.