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About us

Art as heritage. Art as tradition. Art as passion. This is Baldi, from Florence, the cradle of Italian Renaissance, to the heart of world.he secret to Baldi’s success is its refined taste, its great aesthetic sense and its long-standing tradition of craftsmanship that uses ancient artistry techniques and practices to make true works of art. Artists and artisans, inspiration and handicraft, creativity and devotion to perfect art forms: this unique heritage, which dates to 1867, is at the heart of Baldi today – just as it was in the past. From the traditions of two great families, the Ponziani and the Consani, a single business was born in Florence, an important city of art and the cradle of Italian Renaissance.

Classic catalog

Classically inspired, luxuriously interpreted accessories, produced according to historical crafting techniques.
This timeless home jewels are the core of Baldi.
Baldi’s offers include the refined Class Collections with furnishing elements such as tables, chairs, consoles, furnishing complements, candelabras and lamps. Large formats, attention to details, use of precious materials such as lapislazuli, malachite, amethyst, tiger’s eyes, jasper and antique working techniques such as those of Russian origin for mosaics used to upholster the products, always combined with fusion elements in silvered or 24 K gilt bronze.


Contemporary catalog

A signature of contemporary luxury which deepens its roots in italian history, and connects to the future through design.
These collections represent a style evolution, where modern design embraces the ancient techniques and hand-crafting.
The crystal remains protagonist of Baldi production, in black or clear, or with shiny new colours fruit of ancient but revolutionized techniques.


Baldi for Steinway

Over the last 150 years, Baldi has impressed the entire world giving birth to breath-taking monumental artworks and amazing Renaissance-inspired jewels for the home.
Today the Brand boasts an official partnership with Steinway and Sons, based on the undisputable capability of both the Companies to amaze with their respective creations.
Sharing passion for art and craftsmanship, the mission is to create everlasting Grand pianos, enhanced by unmistakable details typical of the Florentine background, conferring that touch of unicity and preciousness that elevate the instruments to collectable masterpieces. The two lines are respectively named “Armonia limited edition” and “Special Edition Grand pianos”.
All the pianos names are thought to recall melodious and suggestive sounds like “Acanto”, “Impero”, “Muse”, “Richelieu” and “Sherazade. The designs are common for both the lines, different only because to make the Grand piano actual unique pieces, Baldi uses precious stones for coating; in addition to 24k, gold plated and chiseled bronze.


Magnus Gjoen

Astonishment, surprise. Investigating the time and with the latter that thin equilibrium between life and death. Gjoen’s pieces have the ability to turn dark and strong imagery into something tender, soft. According to the artist’s philosophy, the precious stones creating the two capsule collections presented at Salone del Mobile 2019, encapsulate at the same time both the beauty of nature and its power. The resistance of the oak and of the olive tree made out of hand-chiseled bronze take over on the 20th century’s icons, regarding the weapon’s manufacturing.

Pavel Pietrof

Recalling the Zar treasures adorning their palaces, Pietrof reinterprets them using Baldi’s know-how. Protagonist of his works of art is the swan, which represents a meeting point of all the world’s cultures. An analogy that brings immediately back to mind the mysterious knight appearing in Parzival medieval epic poem’s last character, to whom Richard Wagner was inspired to create the Opera “Lonhengrin”. With the same mastery with which the composer accomplishes his music, Pavel Pietrof conveys his own art through creations characterized by the high “compositional” coefficient.

Luca Bojola

For almost 30 years, Bojola has created objects and shaped spaces that transcend aesthetic boundaries, working with opposites and exploiting the creative tension between classic and contemporary styles. The year 2005 marked the birth of a mutually inspiring partnership that continues to bear extraordinary fruits: from the rock-crystal baths, basins and fountains to the one-of-a-kind works of art highlighted in the collection of monumental clocks. No matter the scale, each one of Bojola's creations for Baldi is refined, bold and timeless.

Duccio Maria Gambi

“The work began through a first cognitive survey of that rich, materic background, quintessential of Baldi. Since I got then to the context of rocks, hardstones, minerals, I discovered that the Brand was passionate to the materia itself, for its essence even before the final form. I figured out that there is a starting fascination, which does not foresees the material for the representation, but rather defines the representation and the crystallization through the material in an object. I therefore wanted to narrate about this primitive side, the beauty of the natural element.”